Jamie Costello - DevOps contractor for hire

Hi I'm Jamie Costello. I'm an experienced software developer and DevOps contractor with over 20 years software development and infrastructure experience available for contract work. I'd love to hear from you and see how I can help you provide amazing software and infrastructure solutions.

Jamie Costello also likes watching films, going out on my kayak (if the UK sea isn't too cold!) and read. I'm getting quite into my scifi novels, children of time and chidlren of ruin are amazing, they make you think like a spider, which sounds creepy but is actually really interesting from a biology point of view.

The "costello crew" has also just moved to Spain where we're enjoying the country side and wildlife. I'm hoping to learn how to fish as that seems like a very relaxing way to pass the time and cheap too!

One of my new technical hobbies is building web crawlers, the internet is so massive and interesting I'm loving it. The DevOps and software behind this can be very complex and challenging to run at scale.


I'm a UK based DevOps contractor available for hire. I have over 20 years software development and infrastructure experience.

I have strong C#, PHP, Linux, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services skills in my DevOps skill set.

I'm available for both long term DevOps contract work and short term DevOps contract work. I enjoy working on both complex legacy systems and greenfield projects.

I'll be looking to grow my blog soon and I'd love to have some guest posters on it.

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